About Madison.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. But what about words that make a picture?

With a background in librarianship,  she is well versed in helping patrons access the books and texts they need. As an artist, she knows how powerful the written word can be, especially when combined with images that reveal, obscure, or redefine its meaning.

She uses the written word as the basis for my layered, multivalent creations to reveal the subjectivity of both image and text when they’re taken out of their original contexts and layered together.

Inspired by movement, nature, life, and death, she manipulates paint and other found materials around book pages to allow the viewer to experience words in a new way. Words are powerful tools, and using them in paintings often changes their meaning, as well as the meaning of the painting itself. Books and art can transport readers to new worlds, and her paintings  take viewers on a journey, where they can make with their own unique interpretations of these works through a palimpsest of image, word, and texture.

Madison earned degrees in Art History and Library Science, and in her day job, she supports public access to knowledge, cultural heritage, and lifelong learning. She lives with her husband and dog in Washington, DC.